fountain of life africa

Equal access to clean water, health care and basic education for all Zambians,

through infrastructure projects in partnership with the local communities

to drill boreholes, construct new schools and upgrade medical facilities.

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Fountain of Life Africa (FOLA) creates opportunities for children and communities in rural Zambia,

by improving their quality of life through increased access to clean water, education, and healthcare.




A Christian organization run by a volunteer board and individuals in the US and Zambia, relying on individual and corporate donations to fund infrastructure projects, employing local labor and sourcing all supplies and materials from the community where available.

With an operating overhead of only 8% (which is fully funded by generous donors), we pledge that 100% of YOUR donation goes directly to our projects providing full transparency of financial allocation.
Thanks to our supporters, thousands of children are attending school for the very first time, hundreds of mothers and babies are surviving childbirth, and communities are thriving due to clean water.

We are making great advances in all of these areas, breaking the cycles of poverty, disease and gender inequality

Ready to Make a Change?

Partner with us as an investor in rural communities where we are committed to drilling wells, building new schools, and providing basic healthcare facilities.  In addition to the direct impact these projects bring, all labor, and most of the materials and supplies are sourced from the communities, sustaining local enterprise.