Z-Shampande School



Imagine 475 students, in first through seventh grade, having lessons on the ground in the heat and dust of the dry season, or crammed into dilapidated classrooms, or a small tin shed, in the humidity and mud of the wet season. 

Fountain of Life believes in the power of education to transform communities. So, it made sense that our first major project should focus on education. Shampande School in the Chibombo district was an obvious choice. Children were covering amazing distances – as much as 10 miles each day – to learn in the conditions described above. After consulting with the school leaders and the community, Fountain of Life raised funds to construct a brand-new 3 classroom, 2 office structure, completing the work and dedicating the school in August 2011. In addition, Fountain of Life outfitted the school with supplies and proper student desks.

The school now serves 575 students in 9 grades, but there continues to be great need for this growing school. Four new teacher flats were recently completed, and rehabilitation of two existing classrooms is desperately needed. There is also a need for more latrines to serve this student body, as well as on-going needs for classroom supplies and educational materials.

Learn how you can partner with Shampande School through our Community to Community (C2C) Program!

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