Z-Who is Princess Kasune Zulu?

Honourable Princess Kasune Zulu M.P – Founder, HIV & AIDS Advocate/Speaker, Zambian Member of Parliament

Princess Kasune is a world renowned HIV and AIDS advocate, author of Warrior Princess (an autobiography), and founder of the non-profit organization Fountain of Life Africa which works with children, orphans and vulnerable children, especially those affected with HIV/AIDS in rural Zambia.

Between 2000 and 2002, Princess Zulu hosted a phone-in radio programme in Zambia about HIV called Positive Living. She received many calls from women but, unlike her, none were prepared to give their names over the airwaves. Fear and stigma prevail. Through all the deaths in Princess Zulu’s family, the miserable lack of resources and the prejudice against HIV-positive women, her spirit has remained steadfast.

In her advocacy role, she has spoken for organizations such as the UN, World Vision, UNAIDS, UNCIEF, Oxfam, Peace Corp and ONE . Her message has also taken her to the White House where she was part of the delegation that met with President George W. Bush in the Oval Office, and resulted in the $15 billion PEPPFAR (Presidential Fund for Aids Relief).

Princess was recently elected as a Member of Parliament at the National Assembly of Zambia, representing Keembe constituency in Chibombo District, and is the both the first female M.P. for that constituency and also the first openly HIV positive law maker in Zambia.

Her message is that we can now become the first generation to end extreme poverty, if only we have the will to do so. Her story shows that even though life is uncertain and our time may be short, we each have a role to play in bringing healing and hope to our world.