Z-Mwamuyamba School



Imagine 150 students, in first through seventh grade, crammed into two dilapidated classrooms. Without bathroom facilities. And without any drinking water.

Those were the conditions at the Mwamuyamba School in Zambia’s Chibombo District in 2012, before Fountain of Life’s partnership. We asked this community school and its local supporters what they needed, and they told us: modern classrooms, storage, a fresh water supply, educational materials, and latrines!

So with the help of our partners and supporters, Fountain of Life completed a $100,000 construction and renovation project in the fall of 2013, equipping the school with a total of five classrooms, book storage rooms, brand new boys’ and girls’ latrines, desks for all classrooms and a hand pump borehole for fresh drinking water for the children and surrounding community!

School officials estimate that the school, which could barely serve 150 students before, will now be able to serve over 500 children from 17 local villages!

“I write this letter to thank you, the supporting partners, and Fountain of Life for the GREAT WORKS you have done for Mwamuyamba Community School.  You have given us a 1×3 classroom block, 1×2 classroom block rehabilitation, a borehole supplying clear water for our school, and are currently construction 4 toilets.  Really I do not have proper words to use to convey our gratitude for the wonderful things you have brought to our door step.”

-Richard Mukumbi, Head Teacher

In addition to the physical aspects of the school property, Fountain of Life has contributed backpacks and supplies and other necessities to the school but still needs your support for ongoing needs such as teacher’s housing, curriculum, additional classrooms, and more latrines.

If you are interested in helping to meet the needs at Mwamuyamba School, check out our C2C Program.

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