Z-C2C: Community to Community Program


Want to Make a Difference? With Fountain of Life’s C2C Program, you can start small, but go BIG… as a Team.

Few of us have the resources to be major donors to an organization, but when we come together we can make a big impact. C2C is our way of connecting your Community to a Community in need. That’s right, you and your organization — whether it be a social club, sports team, church group, small business, or any other group affiliation — can become a partner of Fountain of Life by joining our cause. You can help, small or big, because there are needs that match all interests and capabilities.

Fountain of Life’s Community to Community (C2C) Program enables your organization to multiply their resources by working together to directly impact real needs in Zambia. Through C2C, your community makes a difference in a far-away community in need. By signing on as a C2C Partner of Fountain of Life, your organization will build teamwork, have fun, and make a difference. Get started… TODAY!

How it works:

Becoming a C2C Partner is easy. First, form your team. Next, look through our list of community needs. Once you have found a need that stirs your heart and ties to the mission of your team, set a goal and start fundraising! You can commit to raising all of the amount requested, or just own a portion of it. You will be able to take donations and track your progress through Fountain of Life’s website. When you are finished, you will receive photos and written updates from Zambia – you’ll actually get to see the results!

Are you part of a group that’s eager to make a difference in the world? Click here to get started!