Z-C2C Need: New Latrines at Mwamuyamba

14167576430_3130138bd2_kWhat is the Need?

The new building at Mwamuyamba is complete, but there are currently only TWO latrines, one for boys and one for girls, at the school. Expected enrollment is around 500! Can you imagine how difficult it is for 500 children to share two bathrooms? Help us provide adequate sanitation for the new facility.

What is the Goal?

Each pit latrine costs $4,300. At least two additional latrines are currently needed.



What is the Timing?

The fundraising completion goal for this project is February 2015.

What Makes C2C Unique?

Every dollar raised for the Mwamuyamba pit latrines will go directly to the project. Your group will receive a letter and photos from the school upon completion.  We want you to be able to SEE your impact!

Ready to Accept this C2C Challenge?  






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